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About us

Privacy, Safety and Ethics are cornerstone features of upRing

We are backed by Lion Nest, which is Abac Capital’s Venture Capital arm.

Abac Capital (Abac) is an internationally focused Private Equity headquartered in Barcelona.

Its founding team comes from the senior team of Apax Partners (Apax), and has an outstanding track record both on Private Equity and Venture Capital. Apax actually shows the best Venture Capital track record in the region during the Abac’s team period, with 3 out of 4 ventures invested in business plan phase making it to IPO.

UpRing’s founding team comes from a range of industries and backgrounds. It has ample international experience having developed their careers in international companies both in the US and across Europe.

We are great believers of both work and human ethics. This is what made us pursue the development of UpRing, a singular mobile solution that allows users to make the most of their relationships by safely, privately and ethically keeping the information of the user’s contacts automatically updated and clean.

We designed from scratch and for the benefit of users a revolutionary technological solution that was based on the highest ethical standards. This is UpRing.

UpRing allows users to maintain an always clean and up to date enhanced private contact list but also offers users a private and safe way to share with selected contacts updated personal contact details.

We are building UpRing for the benefit of all our friends and close contacts. We want our friends to become UpRing users; and we want our friends to know that they are safe when using UpRing. That’s why ethics impregnate UpRing inside-out.

How does this affected the development of upRing?

We really got paranoid about delivering the highest privacy and safety levels to users because we are convinced that these are extremely relevant to users.

We want UpRing users to keep full control of their contact lists. We also want users to retain full ownership and privacy on their contact information. We refused from the beginning me-too strategies that imply controlling (i) the users’ contact information and (ii) communication exchanges between users.

That forced us to squeeze our brains but we finally overcome the technical challenge and implemented concepts like:

    • ‘your contacts only in your device’: the users’ contact lists resides exclusively in the users’ devices. This is certainly the best way to guarantee users that we have no access to their contacts and to sensitive information in their contact lists
    • ‘asynchronous device-to-device communication’: data exchanges between users are not channeled through our servers, but directly delivered device-to-device. Contrary to other communication apps, we do not store information exchanged between users in our servers. The information resides in the user’s device and is delivered directly to another user when both sender and receiver are reachable at the same time. This is certainly the best way we have to guarantee users maximum privacy and safety
    • ‘key contact field verification’: UpRing helps prevent identity-theft by forcing the verification of exchanged emails and mobile numbers.
    • Use-it or leave-it: use UpRing and quit if you want. If you are unsatisfied you can leave the information in your native Contacts app as it was before you started using it”

Our vision for UpRing goes far beyond what it is currently available on the stores. We expect to keep delivering it to you over time and that you really enjoy everything around UpRing.