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Maximum privacy and safety
upRing supports digital ethics

We strongly support and encourage digital ethics

“Digital ethics comprises the systems of positive values and moral principles for the conduct of electronic interactions among people, business and things”

We specifically support digital ethics in relation to…

  1. the treatment and usage of users’ private data
  2. our relationship with users
  3. the user’s contacts
  4. communication with and amongst users


Digital ethics result in maximum privacy and safety for you

  1. Your contacts remain solely in your device
    1. We do not have access to your contact list, therefore.
    2. We cannot use it
  2. You keep full control at all times
    1. You decide who to contact:
      1. UpRing contacts your contacts on your behalf only upon your specific instructions (e.g. following the sharing by you of one of your Cards or the confirmation request sent by you to one of your contacts)
    2. You decide what data you share and for how long you share it
    3. Ignore freely a request that you have received from one of your contacts. He will not be informed that you have ignored it.
    4. Whenever you receive a Card from someone who is not in you contact list you will have to accept it manually
  1. Your sensible data remains protected
    1. Do not worry. Private notes you may have about a contact are never sent when you send a confirmation request to one of your contacts
    2. Create as many Cards as you want and share them with however you want. Every one of your Cards may have different information and public notes that only get those that you send the Cards to
  1. Safe and distinctively ethical communication amongst users
    1. We have no access to the content and data exchange of your communications
      1. All communications between users occur directly device-to-device
      2. All communications between users are end-to-end encrypted
    2. Key contact data (emails and mobile numbers) verification for safety reasons:
      1. Don’t worry about the identity of those sending or requesting you a Card.
      2. Get only verified key contact data from unsolicited communications. All Cards you receive contain verified key contact data; the only exception to this is when you contact someone first since then you are already certain about who the contact is.
    3. Verify your own key contact data for your own convenience:
      1. It will provide your contacts certainty about who you say you are.
      2. It will allow you to receive handy in-app communications when a contact reaches you for first time. Avoid getting communications lost in your inbox.
      3. You can also verify key contact fields rarely used by you. This will make it easier for contacts to reach you. It may also help you to get rid of rarely unused emails or mobile numbers as you will be able to update contacts with current contact details
  1. Try it and stop using UpRing if you don’t like it. Choose how you use UpRing
    1. Your old data is safe. No previous or old information about your contacts is erased after you get updated information from them
    2. If you are unhappy with UpRing, leave your contact list as it was previously to start using UpRing.
    3. Decide what contact data you want to see in your native Contacts app. Check synchronization configuration options in Settings