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Your contacts always
private, updated and clean

upRing helps you to effortlessly keep your contact list and that of your contacts
up to date, clear and organized

upRing is the easiest and most secure way to guarantee that contact information remains accurate and accessible over time.

upRing’s technology allows users to exchange personal data from device-to-device. Your data remains completely private!

We are staunch supporters of digital ethics. Start reaping the benefits of upRing today!

Effortlessly keep your contact list private, automatically up-to-date and clean

All your digital contacts effortlessly complete, clean, classified and up-to-date in your private contact list. We do not have access to your contacts. They remain solely in your device.

Ensure that your contacts receive accurate and updated contact details

One less thing to worry about! Whether you change jobs, move to a new house or organize an event, upRing keeps your contacts informed and updated for as long as you choose.

Create Cards with different personal details 

Customize the information you share with professional contacts, friends, family…

Send your Cards to selected contacts to keep them updated

Share one or more Cards with selected contacts for as long as you want. Edit your Cards to update contacts automatically

Request & receive updated information from your contacts 

Request a Card from selected contacts to confirm that you have their updated contact details. Once you receive their Card, your contact list will remain updated automatically

Respond to your contacts’ requests to keep them updated 

Update the details they have about you or simply ignore the request (they won’t know that you have ignored them)

View all historical events and pending actions in the Activity screen 

Review historical communication. Manage requests received as well as Cards from people outside your contact list

Maximum privacy and safety. upRing supports digital ethics 


Your contacts remain solely in your device.
You retain full control at all times.
Your sensitive data remains protected.
Safe & ethical communication amongst users, directly device-to-device.
Try it risk free. Choose how you use upRing.

upRing at a glance


Create Cards with different personal details

Share your Cards

Send Cards to contacts to keep them updated

Request Card

Request a Card to confirm your contact list is up-to-date

Accept Cards

Manually accept Cards from people outside your contact list


Add comments and explanations to Card exchanges


Card changes are updated automatically

Contact list

View all your contacts

Contact Status

Status of the relationship is shown in the contact list

Contact view

Contact detail neatly shows both updated and old information


Quick access to frequent features and suggestions


Check pending actions and event history log


Group contacts to search easily & exchange data

Privacy and safety


Key contact data is verified for both safety and convenience

Contacts in device

Your contacts solely in your device. We don’t have them

Private communication

Encrypted & directly device-to-device. upRing does not have access

Retain full control

Decide when and what to share and with whom

Don’t lose data

Keep your previous contact data. Decide how to synchronize. Roll back your contact list to its initial state at any time


Via push, email/SMS and in-app notifications