Change log

  • Januray 27th, 2020 - Release 1.34


    We kick-off our 2020 with a new and improved upRing. Faster and more intuitive. Javi, our UX/UI designer went to Nepal to discover the secrets behind creating the ultimate address book and spent the holidays designing, testing and drinking eggnog. Yes, very American of him. Don’t worry. It looks great! It was virgin eggnog.


    • New contacts view ?


    Tagged a contact? We’ll show it to you below the contact’s name so that you know who it is. Is it a favorite contact? We’ll circle it in blue so you can identify it quickly.


    • Tepmorary contacts


    Ever added a contact that you know you won’t need in the future? This feature is for you! Add the contact and assign an expiration date to it so you don’t have to remember to forget it. See what I did there? I’m on fire with the copy today. We’ll also circle the contact in red so you know that it will be disappearing from your contact list.


    • Custom contact reminders ?


    Add a custom reminder with an alarm to your contact so you don’t forget about what do. Call grandma? Add a reminder to her contact so that you can quickly give her a call and convince her to give you her cookies recipe once and for all!