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How to upRing?



In your device




Control your information

Send and receive verified contact data

Your contacts are stored in your device only not on the cloud

Stay informed of your contacts’ changes when they happen

FYEO. Data is shared privately from device to device

We build upon your original contact list. Never lose the information you already have

Decide with whom, when and what to share. Pull permissions when necessary

Create your upRing Card

You can have unlimited Cards and select what information to share before sending it

Send them an upRing

Choose recipient and send your Card(s). Edit it and update your contacts automatically. Don’t worry, pull your Card’s permission if needed


Your contact accepts your upRing card and it’s added to their contact list

Request an upRing Card

Have your contacts send you a Card, or have them verify the information you already have

Upcoming features...

One-tap duplicate cleaner

Intelligent contact merge

Contacts backup

Address book health index

and many more!

Signup now and secure free access!

Welcome Betabound!

If you are here, it means you want to keep your address book automatically updated and want free stuff as well. Who doesn’t, right?

When you sign up, you will receive a Business Card from the company. This way you’ll receive updated information about the company and process of the beta as it happens.

Please check your spam folder as well for it. If you have not received it 24 hours after submitting your information, please emailus.
Once you download the app, you’ll notice that there is no login needed. This is the first step to protecting your privacy and data. We do however, ask you to grant us permission to access your address book.

The purpose of this is so that PACO (Personal assistant for contacts) can send or request updates to your contacts. We have no visibility into your contact list.

Now the fun part!

  1. First, we kindly ask you create at least 1 Business Card and send it to one of your contacts. You can create unlimited Business Cards for different purposes and share them with whomever you want as many times as you want. 
  2.  Second, please tap in the “Request updated contact details” button and select a recipient. You can also do this with as many contacts as you want.

These small tasks will help PACO establish secure, device-to-device connections amongst different users and give us information to validate our structure.

The contacts you establish an upRing connection with during the beta testing period will also opt-in to our offer. They will only be required to complete the first and second step above.

Beta Testing Instructions