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Ever since the smartphone was created, address books have remained as a mere copy of the yellow pages. Old, outdated and duplicate contact information that contribute to your address book being a complete disaster and in turn, rendering it unuseable, impractical, slow and valueless.


Powerful tools designed

to increase your productivity

and effectiveness

  • Clean your duplicate contacts automatically

    Find how many duplicate contacts you have and merge them in one-tap or manually

  • Assign quick actions to your contacts

    You must have preferences when contacting somebody, so we made it easier to quickly communicate

  • Add custom contact reminders & alarms

    Let upRing remind you of what needs to be done and help you get it done

  • Tag contacts to find them easily

    Forget about acronyms and keywords that make a mess of your address book.

    Tag your contacts automatically (iOS) or manually and quickly identify them in your contact list

  • Audit your address book

    Discover how many duplicate contacts you have, how many contacts without phone, without email or without both.

    Start fixing your address book and achieve a 100% in quality

  • Exchange digital Cards

    Forget about incomplete, erroneous or outdated contacts.

    Exchange digital cards to keep your and your contacts address books up-to-date

upRing is the most complete and versatile address book app for effective people

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